Clark Matscheck & Associates Landscape Architect
Matschek & Associates focuses on residential design in collaboration with architects, contractors, and artists in every scale, from detailed condominium yards to large estate acreage. Most of our projects are located in the northwest, primarily in Oregon and Washington.

Clark has been in private practice since 1977 and in partnership with his wife Marsha since 1994. Clark is responsible for the overall master planning and hardscape design while Marsha handles the plant composition, maintenance consulting and detail gardening coordination for annuals, perennials, bulbs and pots.

Clark holds a degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Oregon, and has over 30 years of design experience in private practice. He is registered with the State of Oregon as a Landscape Architect (#68).

Marsha has worked extensively in some of Portlandís most renowned collectorís gardens. She worked for 20 years side-by-side with Lady Ann Kerr McDonald as head gardener as well as with Lady McDonald's sister Jane Platt. She has also taught plant propagation and guided garden tours for the Portland Garden Club and Berry Botanic Garden.