Clark Matscheck & Associates Landscape Architect
Clark approaches each project with a comprehensive strategy, considering all facets of the design from the conceptual phase to the completed project. While the size and complexity of each project may vary, the process of transforming the clients' ideas into a reality is very similar.
  1. From the onset of the project we evaluate the clients' budget, goals, maintenance abilities, local codes, and other influential site characteristics to determine a realistic scope for the project. This process typically involves an initial meeting with the client and site visits.
  2. During the conceptual phase we will develop a design or series of design recommendations intended to capture the overall sense of place that the client would like to create. This is typically communicated graphically through plans, perspective sketches, and sections that aid in explaining the design intent.
  3. The preliminary concepts will move into design development after they have been evaluated and accepted by the client. In some cases it is desirable to further refine the preliminary plan and prepare a General Plan or Master Plan to record permanently the entire original plan of development. This becomes especially valuable in cases where the development is carried on over a long period of time, and will assure that the original concept remains in tact.
  4. In the next phase of design the details of the project are refined, and a set of construction drawings are drafted in order to successfully build the project. Construction and other working drawings and specifications are developed to serve as the contract documents, describing in detail the work to be done and the materials and workmanship to be used. This phase includes the preparation of forms of proposal, assistance in obtaining of bids and the preparation of the construction contract.
  5. During construction Matschek & Associates furnishes general administration of the construction contract. This requires observation of the work in progress, including periodic site visits to assure that the plans and specifications are being followed. We also prepare supplementary design refinements and detailed drawings as my be required; issue change orders, and certificates of payment. By offering construction administration and coordination services to the client we can assure that the highest levels of craftsmanship and quality are applied, and also aid in making the construction phase as efficient as possible.
  6. If requested we will routinely follow up on projects, suggesting an appropriate maintenance strategy to assure that finished project retains its beauty and character over time.
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